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E-mail exchange, part 1 - the public post
 peer_mentor - (logicalargument)
12:10pm 03/03/2007
Ellen likes to argue posting in Peer mentoring when struggling with depression
This is the first of two posts here. This one will be public, followed by a "friends-only" post limited to community members, for sign-up.

littlelettuce asked at dnward_spiral why there isn't some kind of "Make a Wish" program for the suicidal, because their lives are as much in danger as anyone who is physically ill. That reminded me of the fact that I had set up this community to connect people with each other for mutual support, but the community hasn't really been used.

So, here is the proposal. If you're interested and willing to make a commitment for a period of time (you choose how long - a week, a month, whatever) - you can sign up to agree to send at least one e-mail each day to someone who is struggling and can really use a daily contact from someone who cares about how they're doing. The same person can sign up both to send and to receive. This is about mutual support, after all.

To make this work, we need more than a few people. We need to get a fairly substantial number of people who are willing to make the small commitment to e-mail somebody every day. Otherwise, it would just end up being one person sending "form" e-mails to dozens of people and I don't want that.

The sign-up post, which will be visible to community members only, will follow.
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"Borrow Mine"
 peer_mentor - (logicalargument)
03:22pm 08/11/2006
Ellen likes to argue posting in Peer mentoring when struggling with depression
About a year ago, I shared this song with a friend, and I felt the impulse to share it again here:

Borrow Mine, Bebo NormanCollapse )

I won't do song lyrics here too often, but ... I just felt like sharing this one today.
music: "Borrow Mine" - Bebo Norman
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Open post about this community
 peer_mentor - (logicalargument)
02:08pm 28/10/2006
Ellen likes to argue posting in Peer mentoring when struggling with depression
Almost all posts to this community will be "friends-only," but I am starting with an open post to explain the purpose of this community beyond what shows on the userinfo/profile page.

This community is created in memory of Krystle Lynn Babin, 1985-2006, but it is not intended to discuss Krystle herself; there is another community, for_krystle, for that purpose.

The purpose of this community is to connect people who are struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts with peer-mentors who are willing to walk beside them as friends, not as professional counselors, who are willing to make a commitment of time to them, to help them to get through the times when it feels like they just can't go on.

how this should workCollapse )

What this community is not:

-A place to get professional counseling/therapy. What we're talking about here is peer support, friendship and understanding. Peer mentoring is not a substitute for psychiatric/psychological help.

-A place to make romantic/sexual connections with anyone. Even if one doesn't set out to be a predator, it's easy to become romantically/sexually drawn to a person one befriends. This isn't a judgment, and I'm not throwing any stones, because I know better than to condemn anyone for having a strong emotional response. However, it is a warning. We can't monitor your instant messaging or telephone conversations, but if I get a complaint from anyone (yes, even if you deny it), or I even get a "vibe" that anyone is here looking for romance/sex, whether in the form of cybersex/phone sex or making plans to meet in person for sexual purposes - you're outta here.
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